Gauteng Carnival is an expression of telling the South African story. It is a process where community history and stories are shared and conceptualised into a street parade and training takes place in carnival camps and communities by artists and artisans across the province. Carnival builds cohesiveness by bringing people of different cultures together into one parade to showcase, dance and celebrate diverse cultures. The height of the process is the street procession or parade that showcases month’s long preparations and trainings. The Gauteng Carnival procession was officially launched in 2005 as part of the Heritage Month festivities.

As part of our contribution to Radical Transformation, the Carnival will present an opportunity to tell our stories and as a gift to future generations. On the 24th of September 2017 the World will witness the true character of Gauteng. We will bring in the new flavour and approach in order to showcase a truly united African Continent. Gauteng Carnival. Gauteng Carnival is based on choreography guided by a storyline consulted with participants from different communities.

One of the Gauteng Carnival objectives is to identify talent in schools and communities that will later be developed into skills and mainstreamed towards the career pathing in the Arts and Culture Sector. The carnival creates job opportunities for young South Africans on a yearly basis. The artists contracted in the production of costumes, floats, and dance moves are either qualified or skilled based. Most of the artist use their skills as a means of job creation.